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We Provide Quicker, More Cost Efficient Diagnostic Imaging.

Since opening in 2015, Morgan City Radiology has been providing quick, more cost efficient diagnostic imaging than that of your typical In-Patient facility (hospital). With costs of healthcare increasing, patients should have options when getting imaging needed for their health. Our Out-Patient facility provides the clear option for patients who need X-Rays, CT Scans, and Ultrasounds at a more convenient location and at a much lower rate than is typically seen in hospital settings. Our technicians and staff ensure that your health is being managed as efficiently as possible. Your health should not have to wait! When your testing is completed, reports are sent to ordering physicians usually the SAME DAY.

Walk-ins are welcome with ORDERS from a health care provider. (Imaging must be ordered by a healthcare provider).

Providers may also fax outpatient imaging orders directly to Morgan City Radiology. Results are faxed directly to the ordering provider's office usually the SAME DAY.

Call today for scheduling - typically same or next day service.

Do not worry about getting lost in an endless Queue, our staff will do our best to accommodate your schedule and effectively get your imaging complete. Your health is not worth waiting!
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CT Scans
CT Scans

What you need to know:

  • A CT scan is a diagnostic imaging exam that uses X-ray technology to produce images of the inside of the body.
  • A CT scan can show detailed images of any part of the body, including the bones, muscles, organs and blood vessels.
  • CT scans can also be used for fluid or tissue biopsies, or as part of preparation for surgery or treatment.
  • CT scans are frequently done with and without contrast agent to improve the radiologist's ability to find any abnormalities.
  • Ultrasound

    What you need to know:

  • Ultrasonography, which is sometimes called sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves and a computer to create images of blood vessels, tissues, and organs. The sound waves bounce off body parts and send back an image, like sonar on a submarine. A computer then looks at the signals sent back by the sound waves and creates an image of the body using those signals.
  • Ultrasounds are used to view internal organs as they function, and to assess blood blow through various vessels. Ultrasound procedures are often used to examine many parts of the body such as the abdomen, breasts, female pelvis, prostate, scrotum, thyroid and parathyroid, and the vascular system. During pregnancy, ultrasounds are performed to evaluate the development of the fetus.
  • XRays

    What you need to know:

  • An X-ray study (also called a radiograph) is a type of medical imaging (radiology) that creates pictures of your bones and soft tissues, such as organs. X-rays use safe amounts of radiation to make these pictures. The images help your provider to diagnose conditions and plan treatments. Most often, providers use X-rays to look for fractures (broken bones). But X-ray images can help providers diagnose a wide range of injuries, disorders and diseases. X-rays are a safe and effective way for providers to evaluate your health.
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    Why Morgan City Radiology?

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    When you are in need of costly imaging services like X-Rays, CT Scans and Ultrasounds, Morgan City radiology can provide these at a fraction of the cost than typical hospitals and usually much quicker.

    State of the art radiology machinery is used to complete your imaging and our staff is well trained in its use.

    After your test is complete, your ordering provider will get your results from Morgan City Radiology usually the same day. Morgan City Radiology may provide you with a disk copy of the studies at your convenience. However, results will be sent to your ordering provider for their interpretation and treatment plan for you.

    Each test has a specific cost that has been negotiated with your insurance company and approved before your scan. That price will be quoted to you and payment should be processed before your imaging.